Friday, December 5, 2008

Transportation For America Petition


G-d, so much to write about, hope to have a chance to catch up this weekend. Here's something quick that continues our focus on the federal level. Transportation For America has started a petition to make transportation a focus of Barack Obama's first 100 days. As they say:

Smart transportation infrastructure investment will strengthen our economy, create jobs, reduce our dependence on oil, and make it easier for Americans to find the money to meet their growing transportation needs. But we need President-elect Obama to make building that 21st Century transportation system a priority in his first 100 days.

Go here and sign, as we are at epochal moment where our country needs and appears ready to invest in itself. This is the opening for a new vision of transportation in the US. Make sure to check out the Transportation For American website, a phenomenal group leading the way on these issues.

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rachsky said...

So if I understand this correctly, this involves investing MORE money into the MTA, and building multiple infrastructures resembling that of the MTA? I think this is a great solution as the only solution to our economic crisis is to create jobs, and industry, however even with government assistance and millions of passengers, the MTA has failed to keep it's head above water. I'd be excited to see Obama thinking outside the box, and bringing city life alternatives to the masses, however how realistic and effective will this be for areas that do not have millions let alone thousands of commuters?

On a side note, we asked my one year old nephew who the president was, and he said Obama. It was pretty much the cutest thing I have ever seen.