Monday, December 8, 2008

Housing Here and Now Rally Tuesday! 6:30 PM! Affordable Housing!

Housing Rally

Ugh, so much to get to and yet I get to nothing. Lots to say about Obama's infrastructure plan and so much more, but there's nothing more important than the battle for affordable housing. For those in New York City, head out tomorrow night for the Housing Here And Now rally at the Society For Ethical Control (2 West 64th Street at Central Park West) This protest is aimed at ending the vacancy decontrol loophole, whereby an owner can take a vacant apartment out of rent control once the rent reaches $2000. Enacted by the state in 1997, it is the worst of all worlds, guaranteeing the end of rent controlled apartments in the city, driving out the remaining poor, working class and young people in the city, the very people who have held these neighborhoods together through the decades. Check out the Housing Here and Now website for more info and their blog, New York Is Our Home, for the most up-to-the-date protest info.

Let's do this people! Let's make New York City a place where everyone can live regardless of their bank accounts. Let's make a fairer, better NYC! New York is our home! If you don't speak up now, your neighborhood will be next.

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