Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gateway To Williamsburg

502 Metropolitan

Ugh, this post at Curbed is depressing. Another development in Williamsburg, another hideous structure going up that adds nothing to the neighborhood. This one is being brought to us by the Chetrit Group at the site of the Kellog's Diner on Metropolitan, I mean, there's a part of me that thinks this must be some sort of architecture-related Punk'd show set in New York City for the past decade. I mean, a Duane Reade??? Seriously? If there's a Citibank in the remaining space, I will shoot myself. [For the record, I will not shoot myself and will probably use the ATM there at some point.]

This one encapsulates an entire decade of NYC residential development: hideous design, major corporate chain that already has a million stores in the city as anchor, height that does not fit the neighborhood. But, on the other hand, this one seems like the a perfect gateway for those who want to see what New York looks like today - monontous, phallic and ugly. Come and see what decades of pro-developer policies have given us. I am thinking of starting a tour to bring it all together, show the half-built crap in Williamsburg, the hideous pre-fabs in Park Slope. Next stop: the blue building on Norfolk Street!

P.S. The comments for the post are hilarious. Nothing funnier than anonymous posters fighting over how real Brooklyn they are.

Thanks to RM for the link and the info about the sample sales blog! We love links!

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