Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Housing Chants!

One really fun part about the Repeal Vacancy Decontrol rally was that I picked up a sheet listing the various chants that were used all night and that are part of the tenant activist history here in NYC. I thought it would be cool to give everyone a look at these great little chants, a look at the culture of housing protest here.



1) Que Queremos? Rentas justas
Y cuando? Ahora!
Y como? Luchando
Creando poder popular!

2) La renta sube, sube
El pueblo sufre, sufre

3) Inquilinos unidos
jamás serán vencidos

4) Se ve, se siente,
inquilinos estan presentes!

5) Aquí estamos y
aquí nos quedamos!

6) Que es lo que queremos?
Protección legal

7) Unidos para vencer!!!!!!


8) Fight, fight, fight;
Housing is a right!

9) Tenants are under attack
what do we do? rise up, fight back!

10) Put on the heat Out on the street
Tenant power can never be beat!

11) What do we want? Fair rents!
When do we want it? Now!

12) Ain't no power
Like the power of the tenants
Cause the power
Of the tenants don't stop
Say what...

13) Once I pay my rent; all my money spent

14) Get up! (Get up) Get down! (Get down)
There is a housing crisis in this town!

Not included on the sheet, but my favorite of the night was short and sweet. "They say get back, we say fight back! Get back! Fight back!" over and over, energy building with each line. I felt like I was back in an old union hall with the chants and fiery speeches and whatnot, great to see solidarity, music, fun and passion coming together in these times.

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