Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Declaration of Independence From Casinos! Philadelphia!

Declaration of Independence from Casinos

I had to mention today's event in Philadelphia, the Declaration of Independence From Casinos, a cause near and dear to my heart. Pleae head out to the Independence National Historical Park (5th and Market) today at noon for a rally to continue the good fight to keep casinos out of the city of Philadelphia. I'll let the great folks at Casino-Free Philadelphia explain the purpose of today's event:

Join us as we Declare Our Independence from Casinos. Join us to learn about our search for an elected official who will stand with us. Join us as we draft our manifesto against casinos in our City. Join us as we set out to organize citizens from all across Philadelphia.

There comes a time when it is necessary for the people of a city to stand up and say "This is our city; this is our home, and it is time for those who represent us to stand with us or get out of our way." That time is now.

On Tuesday, January 27th, we — the people of Philadelphia — will declare our independence from casinos.

You can join us outside Independence Hall at noon where our declaration will be read and everyone will be invited to add their signature. This will be the kick-off of our Declaration of Independence from Casinos campaign that will run until July 4th of this year. We are starting by signing a pledge to oppose casinos anywhere in Philadelphia, and we will be working between now and July to add at least one signature of a Philadelphia elected official to this declaration.

I will have much much more to say about this campaign and fight, but for now, head over to Independence Park and join with other Philadelphians to fight for the city's future. You'll also want to read the declaration (pdf file), a manifesto outlining the reasons for this fight and the goals that have been set. Once you've done that, become a supporter and get connected to one of the most important fights and best community groups around. I love you Philly, let's do this.

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